Tokyo Toy Run 2021

tokyo toy run 2022 gifts in the car

Another year, another Toy Run! We’d proven in 2021 that we could do the toy run, albeit in an adjusted-for-covid fashion. The method again this year then was to abandon the traditional convoy we used to do down the expressway and around towns like Oiso, Chigasaki and Hiratsuka with all the bikes and santa outfits, and instead do a socially distanced meet and drop-off at a large service area on the west-bound Tomei expressway near Ebina. Still with the santa outfits of course. We then delivered the gifts via just a couple of volunteers and a large SUV for each home.

On the plus side it meant we can do the event and give the kids at Elizabeth Saunders and Chigasaki Farm a slice of Xmas cheer. On the down side, it meant that again we couldn’t do the rides in to the homes, let the kids ride on the back of the bikes, or do the sports, bingo or food. Still, there’s always 2022 (hopefully).

We still managed a full wagon for each home, and from talking to riders as they came and went at the service area, there’s still a lot of dedication to it, so I think if things are a little more sorted-out by December, we should be back to normal again.