2022-11 Random Images

Popcorn time! A popcorn making machine

Another month, and a few random images, but this will be the last for a while – honestly it feels a little lazy!

So what did we have in November 2022? Well, I was in Tokyo Disneyland for a day, cycled down along the beach, was up near Okutama having a look around some of the smaller dams, and finding nice small roads to ride down. Very nice.

My only other comment for what is essentially a photo post is to say that the .DNG RAW files from my Pixel 5a look very soft, and needed quite a lot of work. I only used them as I find some of the phone .JPGs to be over sharpened, but I see why they do it. Either way, JPGs and RAF RAW files from my Fujifilm always look nicer.

The best camera is the one you have with you for sure.

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