App notes:

Just a quick post here for an iPhone app I’ve been playing with this week. Up front: this isn’t going to change your life. However, it is a bit of fun – It’s a free app which basically takes photos with the iPhone camera, but allows you to apply to some filters and such to make them look quite interesting, and then to add an extra feature in comparison to the other apps which do that, it allows you to very simply send them to several social networks from within the apps such as Facebook, Flickr and Twitter. If you set the GPS, you can check in to Foursquare there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support WordPress yet.

It is kind of fun. Here’s a couple I’ve done over the last week, and if you do post from your phone regularly, it might add a bit more atmosphere. Of the currently available filters, I quite like the ‘1977’ one, since of late I’ve been scanning some old family pictures from that time, and they do indeed now look pretty like that, so I took a picture of my battered iPod Classic in that format; I quite like it.


old ipod
An iPod from 1977.
A Coffee at Denny's
A Coffee at Denny’s

Gun Rats

I was just walking between the Shin Maru and Maru building and saw they have a new set of art installations. An interesting piece to me was this one – it really is quite detailed. I didn’t have time to peruse it too much or check out the other exhibits; I might do tomorrow. Interesting really.


Night Tokyo

This is chronologically out of sequence with the last couple of posts because I forgot about it! I took this on my iPhone on our last night in the old apartment from the viewing floor (43f). I wish I’d took a real camera, but you get the idea.


Comic Touch for iPhone

This app – adding mindless commentary to photos on my iPhone is actually something I could actually get into.


It’s by the same people who did Comic Life on Mac and PC which I remember I got bundled with my MacBook a few years back. Nice app.


[Post from keitai]

As I was walking around the Imperial Palace today, I was behind two chaps as pictured, who were slowly cycling along. On the back of their jackets it says,「マナーから、ルールへ。」and underneath 「千代田区」, which I guess translates to around ‘From manners to rules’ and underneath ‘Chiyoda-ku’. I could be wrong, but I see this being one of two things – either they support everything ‘from manners to rules’, or they’re going to make manners the rules. Some kind of day-glo behaviour police. The second line means they either work for that Ward office, or that’s their gang chapter. Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Ladies Only

This was a picture I took with my keitai last December when I went to Osaka, but I forgot to post it. Anyway, it’s given me an excuse to create the 2005 gallery folder.

Basically, it’s the sign for where to queue for women only carriages on trains in Osaka. Taken at Osaka station. I only mention it, because I’d heard of these things, but it was my first time to actually see one. Apparently Osaka has a bigger chikan problem than Tokyo.

Flikr test


グラハム 🙂

*Note that the above was a test post from my mobile phone with picture, via e-mail to the flickr website/service, which I finally got around to setting up, even though some of my more learned friends (nod to Rudolf) have been talking about it for a while. Expect disturbing drunken pictures in the near future.