A bit of this, that and AvantGo

A few things today… and a bit of this and a bit of that really. As a few people who know me will be aware, for the last 6 months I’ve been going on about running a marathon, but doing very little about it. However, that changed today when I volunteered to do a 10K run in 2 months….I’d better get training!

What else? A friend pointed out to me today (over raging laughter) that if you go to the consumer part of www.avantgo.com, set your location to Japan, language to English, with filters on, BRIGHTBLACK comes up at 10!!! And further, click entertainment and I was no.1!! I’m not sure why this is happening, but thanks to all those people! I’ll put the screenshots on this page ASAP.

Also, I got “Command and Conquer Generals” game today…hope it won’t interfere with my training…

The Avanto English Channel for entertainment