Films, Fish and Yokohama

Well, another busy week, but just a few things to go up.

Managed to go to a few places I haven’t been for a long time – the first was Tsukiji Sushiko for some quality sushi close to the fish market, and the second was down in Yokohama – actually Sakuragicho, where the Landmark Tower is, and Ishikawacho, where there used to be a great bar called Dakota, which seems to have disappeared. However, just across the road, there’s an equally good bar called Stagecoach.

I also went to see the new Bond film “Die Another Day”. I quite liked it, a bit more tense than usual, but with a great selection of gadgets and explosions. Very Bond. I do kind of agree with those who say that Madonna’s theme song isn’t suitable – new doesn’t always mean better. I have no problem with a dance track for the title, but a good one would’ve been nice.

I also went for a cup of coffee in a small coffee shop just off Alta Plaza in Shinjuku; it’s a small specialist shop in the basement (B1), which will stick in my mind for 4 reasons – it has an original Mac being used as the register, the coffee can cost 1000 yen (GBP6) a cup (!), the cake slices are huge, and it’s a damn good cup of coffee. Of course, for 1000yen, I’d want a damn good coffee. It is. Very. Too many people think that Starbuck’s hot milk effort is coffee (wrong), this is the real thing, albeit expensive.

This week actually promises to be a bit quieter as I have a lot or non-social things to do – such as my mountain of Japanese homework…

Another thing is that the 10Km run I was due to do was unfortunately full (which surprised the person organising it at the company), so that’s not going to happen, however, I think I better just keep training if I *ever* want to do this damn marathon.