What can I eat?

I noticed on my way home the other day that McDonalds is now selling a fish version of McNuggets. Why is this? Well, I suspect it may because it seems to be about the only safe thing now. Except vegetables. For now.

The last couple of days has seen not only a huge increase in bird flu, but also BSE cases anew.

Sadly, the owners of a chicken-farm which tried to cover up the death-rate from the bird-flu hanged themselves. This isn’t a massive surprise to the Japanese – cover ups of even massive health issues aren’t unknown — recent years have seen falsified nuclear safety reports and a few real screw ups (and here too).

The Agriculture ministry also announced today the 11th official case of BSE in Japan. All of a sudden, that mass slaughter in the UK a few years ago doesn’t seem so over-done.

This all bothers me, and I think to be honest in a few months I’ll end up being a vegetarian whether I like it or not.