Spoon fed

The Caviar Spoon

My long suffering partner and I decided to go out for a meal to the ‘Hiro’ restaurant on the 35th floor of Maru Building in front of Tokyo station. It’s a beautiful looking place, with an amazing view over Tokyo, which looked fabulous as the sun set. The food, as you would expect, comes in many small courses, each well made and presented, but the course that really impressed us was the caviar and rice entree, which, as it was only really a mouthful’s worth, came all ready on a spoon.

The Caviar Spoon

When the waiter presented it, he exclaimed “You may be surprised…it looks like sushi but it’s not!”. We were thinking it looked like a few bits of rice and caviar on a spoon. I’ve had small courses before, but not one where it came pre-attached to the cutlery.

We kind of looked at each other for a second, and at some of the other diners…was this a sample? Like a waiter presenting a taster glass of wine before pouring for all? Nope, that was it, though I should say that it was absolutely delicious.

All said, ‘Hiro’ is a great place for a date or a special occassion. Prices for dinner start at 9,000yen for a set meal, so I’ll be living off pot noodles and Yoshinoya for a while.