Super Freak Out

I’m rather embarrassed that I didn’t post this earlier. Last Friday was FreakOut 3: Super Freak Out. If you haven’t attended one, you really should.

Basically it’s this: a bunch of artists and musicians get together for a night and put on a great show. Simple right! The band Sonica are the anchor act, playing a jam like fusion of funk soul and jazz, and in between sets they encourage open mic jamming, and audience participation drums and percussion. That’s not all though – there was Kazu, the mime artist, and local artist group ‘Gravity Free’ who did some great artwork whilst the band played and Goro came in to do a didjeridu (spelling from website) set, which was just incredible. It was a great atmosphere, with everyone relaxing on the comfy furniture, chatting to new friends and generally relaxing. Hopefully some people were enjoying some of the visuals I was helping get on the to big wall projectors. It’s based at Super Deluxe in Roppongi, and no sooner had we all woken up on Saturday afternoon, than mention was being made of another gig next February, which we’re all hoping will be even better.

The super freakoout flyer which was even more psychadelic than the previous one.