A Month Goes By.

It’s hard to believe I haven’t posted on here for a month. A lot of things have happened. I’ve been snowboarding twice – to Kiroro and Shiga Kogen, I’ve been busy at work, and I’ve been out and about a bit with the family. But no posts. To be fair, I just haven’t really had time to sit down and do much else than the above.

Sadly then, there has been no recounting the seven hours SMC and I spent in Shin Chitose airport in Hokkaido, sat in Mos Burger on my birthday playing GTA : Liberty City Stories on the PSP, reading books and generally hanging around, or SMC’s Pocari Sweat bottle failing the ‘dangerous liquid’ test in that weird machine which shines a blue light into a bottle and can somehow detect illegal materials, or how the airport security man then demanded SMC drink some of it.

There was also no report of the amazing meal LH and I had at the Prince Hotel in Shiga Kogen, where for the first time the food was actually good. The steak was real steak, the bread was fresh bread, and the beer was served in real paper cups. It also served as a flashback when we spied an authentic Street Fighter 2 Turbo arcade machine next to the lift on our floor.

Also, I must admit that I’ve bought the PSP version of Katamari, and am now playing it obsessively. I’m also planning to get a DS lite when they come out. Sad. Very sad.