Tissues in Akihabara

tissues - how convenient

I like to think in the time I’m been in Japan I’ve thrown myself at a fairly decent variety of oddness, and overall done a decent job of it. That said, every now and then you see something so subtle as you almost miss it. During our lunch break we were trawling Akiba for a new analogue stick head for my PSP and were in AsoBiCity going up through the idol/bikini chick DVD section (to get to the PSP section honest!) when I saw this: a box of tissues on the shelf.

Further inspection revealed a bunch of signs suggestively telling patrons not to work themselves into a frenzy to where they would need the tissues, but hey, they were there if accidents happen. I’m not saying anyone in the shop would need them, but that really is the immortal slice of lemon wrapped around a gold brick.

tissues in Akihabara  - how convenient