Apparitions in Singapore?

I’m in Singapore right now on a bit of business, staying in the Fullerton Hotel, but that’s not what this post is about.

I got to my room just before 1am on August 31st, and I was tired, but I ordered some coffee and just set up my laptop, and unpacked some things from my suitcase, so there were a bare minimum of lights on – just in the adjacent bathroom, and the bedside lamps.

Anyway, at about 1.30am, I am 100% sure that I saw something in the corner of the room, near the door. A form. A human form. No real detail, just dark, and standing, possibly a little shorter than me, but most certainly opaque to some extent.

I was stood about 8 metres away, near the desk, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, was I looking at a ghost? I looked at it for about 5 seconds, before looking into the light from the bathroom, and then back. It was still there. I got the feeling that it was wearing chains like leg irons, it seemed very heavy, and was most certainly not shadows from the door, wardrobe etc.. At this point I don’t mind saying that the hairs on the back of my neck we standing and I had a pretty strong sense of things not being right.

I stared at the unmoving mass for another good eight seconds before rubbing my eyes in the bathroom, and coming back in, and the mass being gone.

I’m not joking, there was a dark, human shaped opaque mass in my room for possibly fifteen seconds. I felt really uncomfortable I don’t mind saying, a little freaked out.

You see, I’m a fairly open minded person, but also a bit cynical, so my first thought was that I was tired and just filling in some blanks in the shadows, but I have to say again, I really don’t think I was, there was something there, possibly in leg irons. This might fit, unfortunately, into the hotel’s history during Japanese occupation of being a jail and venue of torture.

So then, I’ll leave this post at this point. I’m pretty sure I know what I saw, and that’s a bit scary – an apparition in Singapore.