Nikon D40

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After three years with my little Canon IXY 500, I recently received a new camera, and it’s my first stumbling footsteps into the world of D-SLR cameras in the shape of Nikon’s new entry level model, the Nikon D40 (Japanese).

Whilst I’ll still be taking my IXY out for quick point n shoot bits, like snowboarding, I wanted to learn to use a ‘real’ camera, and hopefully get better family and day to day pictures. The Nikon sports a 6.1MP sensor (only 1MP more than the IXY) but excels way beyond the compact in image quality – even I was amazed at the different in depth, light and colour the Nikon has, so as someone who stuck with tiny cameras for years, I would definitely advise people to check out the weird, and increasingly ‘cheap’ world of digital SLRs. As ever, before we bought this, we spend time at, where the D40 got a great review.

Hopefully, after I’ve finished learning what all the buttons do I can actually upload a few decent pics to the Gallery and spend a bit of time doing spot the difference.