8cm CD Stupidity

Maybe it was because I took a day off; maybe it’s because I’m just too curious, but for whatever reason, I decided to try and take a look at the contents of the 8cm CD which came with my new Sandisk 2GB SD card. I know you can smell the stupidity already – who actually checks these things? Well anyway, I thrust the disc into my slot-loading MacMini, and within a couple of nano-seconds the combination of it not being sucked into the machine, and it being out of my reach hit me. Oops. I didn’t even need to go to a search engine to know that this drive did not support 8cm discs.

At that moment, my only option looked like prizing the whole thing open and trying to get it out. Not nice. However, the benefits of having a female around the place mean that I have access to a cornucopia of odd shaped beautification tools which include tiny tweezers, which not only can extract nanobots from tiny hair follicles (or whatever), they can also pry 8cm CDs from Mac Minis, put there by complete idiots. So armed with this and a thin flat blade screwdriver for some leverage, I managed to get the offending disc out.

Moral: don’t put silly small freebie CDs into your more expensive computer.