Two Earthquakes and a Typhoon

They say things come in threes; or you lose things in threes; or both, I forget which. So after a fairly long and welcome break from larger earthquakes, we got hit with two in three days with a typhoon in the middle. The temblors came in at 6.4 and 6.9 at source respectively, which were quite significant really, with shockwaves around us in eastern Kanagawa going well above 4.

It was also the first time for us to be in our new house in an earthquake, and I have to say (crossing fingers and so on) that it wasn’t too bad. I think some of that sense was knowing I only had one floor and a roof above me to potentially collapse, rather than the thirty floors of concrete – and eleven below – that we had in the old rented apartment. Also the doors are a lot closer.

Anyway we made it through all three events OK but sadly some people did die around the country and quite a lot of people were injured.

Here’s to hoping that has at least, relieved some pressure on the fault lines.