This Week’s Top Three Podcasts [Airport Edition]

I’ll admit I’m a bit bored here at Narita airport, so to break the intensity of announcements, planes going past and people who seem to have an unbelievable amount of luggage even after check-in, here’s the top five selection of podcasts as I look at my MP3 player. I should note these aren’t necessarily the ones I usually listen to, just a few from this week:

1) “You Look Nice Today” – A whole lot of irreverent and irrelevant humour in an ad-lib setting. Kind of geeky, jokes about heraldry and such. Strangely it seems to work on train journeys. It’s very likely to remind you of the odd drunken conversations you regularly had with friends at University.

2) “PC Perspective Podcast” – If you become incredibly aroused and excited when listening to tech specs, or if you like debates of SLI graphics cards vs. multi GPU-on-a-card solutions, then listen to this. Actually this is kind of an interesting podcast of you’re a computer builder enthusiast.

3) “This Week In Start-ups” – Jason Calacanis hosts a show dedicated – with a California slant – to new start-ups, entrepreneurial spirit, tips and advice. Every week they have a guest on who are usually interesting to listen to, discussing their own start-ups. I recommend the audio over the video podcast, which looks a lot duller than the audio sounds.

Obviously I listen to a lot more podcasts than this, but as I sit here trying to balance the laptop and a cup of coffee, shamefully pimping Windows 7 and Windows Live Writer to people passing by with their luggage, these are the ones showing in my recently played list.