Looking For a Podcast for the Commute?

A couple of years ago, I wrote about a few podcasts I was idly listening to in an airport, but I thought I’d look through my current list of podcasts today, and pick out five completely different ones to form the ‘Recommendation of the Month‘ post.

I commute for a total of two hours a day, so I like to make use of the time and get through some podcasts which entertain and inform and are generally diverse in content. In that previous post, I mentioned ‘You Look Nice Today‘ which is still available, but seems to be on some kind of hiatus, PC Perspective – a PC hardware podcast, and ‘This Week in Startups‘ – those last two are still on the go.

So to add to these for June’s recommendation:

The No Agenda Show – Decent news analysis, crackpot theories, and general entertainment, this podcast is in turns interesting and hilarious.

Windows Weekly – this is pretty much the last Twit.tv podcast I listen to (along with Security Now sometimes) as the others seem to have dropped off badly in analysis quality, which makes them much harder to listen to. Paul Thurrott, despite being a Microsoft focussed journalist, does at least attempt accurate and balanced news coverage, and has a dry wit I actually like in a journalist.

BBC Friday Comedy Podcast – a rotating selection of BBC Radio 4 comedy programmes as podcasts,  including greats such as The Now Show, Have I Got News For You and others. As a Radio 4 listener, I really like listing to these, just don’t laugh too much on the train.

Sword and Laser Podcast – a podcast from a book reading community, essentially covering fantasy and sci-fi books, interviews with authors, wrap-ups and recommendations. As a keen reader of any sort of books, I’ve enjoyed this, and been put on to some good books because of it.

DH Unplugged – This is a tangential one for me, as it mainly focusses on the business markets and economics, mainly in the US, and perhaps because of that there are some interesting anecdotes and news stories.

There are of course several others – a project management podcast, a paranormal podcast, and a few other technical ones, but these are likely 5 people might like.

I don’t actually listen to any Japan based podcasts regularly right now – I did listen to GaijinKampai a while back, but it’s anchored out of the USA, and is really just about JPop, and increasingly KRock, which aren’t really my things for a podcast.

I do listen to the Japan Talk / Japundit podcast now and then, but it’s mainly a news oriented podcast rather than a discussion, and since I do try to keep up with Japanese news, it’s not that essential, but interesting nonetheless.

If there are any others anyone would recommend, let me know in the comments – aside from the language ones – news and punditry to keep me going on JR!