Out and About – A Small Harbour

In early January I went for a quick run down the coast, but jumped off the stunning route 135 road, down to a small harbour on Sagami Bay called Enanaura, and watched some of the keen fishermen who as you would expect, looked like they’d been there for a while when I arrived at 6.30am, and were all set up with their kit on the tetrapods. As well as angling, there were some small inshore fishing boats, and a store of ropes and nets. It was a nice place to pass some time watching the early morning ocean activity and having a cup of tea. It is accessed by a tiny single lane road which is hidden a little and it’s easy to miss the turn if you don’t know it’s there, which is a shame.

As well as some photos, I also did a quick ‘timewarp’ video on the GoPro 7 Black for a bit of variety, as I left the harbour and headed further down the coast.

Small Harbour ropes
harbour ropes
House on the Small Harbour
The Old Van at the Small Harbour.

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